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Welcome to our site!  It is nice to have people visit that are truly interested in learning more about the air duct cleaning industry. We have been in business for almost 15 years, and would love to answer any questions about indoor air quality you may have.  Our company services thousands of customers a year through our air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning divisions.  If all the answers you are looking for are not here on these pages, then give us a call. 

Q: How often should you clean your air ducts?

A: It really depends on the size of your house and what it has been through.  The average Florida home should be cleaned every 3 years.  When a person has pets, breathing issues, or remodeling done in their home then that number can decrease to 1 year depending on a few fundamental factors via conventional methods.  That is where hiring us makes the difference.  We have been able to lengthen the amount of time between recommended cleanings by using cutting edge equipment and chemicals.  The typical cleaning will take your air duct system to the 5 year mark, while our deluxe cleaning packages will cover your home for 10 full years. 

Q: How often should you clean your dryer vent in Florida? 

A: Most Dryer vents in Florida vent out the roof.  In this case it is recommended that you clean your dryer vent every 3 years. Of course if your clothes are taking longer than one cycle to dry on normal settings without overloading, then you should probably give us a call to check that out. 

Q: What are air ducts made out of?

A: Most Florida homes and businesses have three types of air ducts.  These most commonly used types are flex, metal, and duct board.  Most of the homes built after 1990 will have either partial flex and main duct board trunks, or complete duct board runs.  If you really want to know what kind of air ducts your home has, go for a climb into the attic.  Most rectangular shafts would be duct board, and the round foil like wrapped air shafts are flex.

Q: Why should you clean your air ducts?

A: Dust will build up in your duct work, just like dust collects on fan blades in your home.  In fact, that same kind of dust can be found in large quantities throughout your air duct system.  Air passing over this dust and debris contaminates the air in your home, and makes it hard for your lungs to breathe.  This is just one of the side effects of using an air cooling system that just recycles old air hundreds of thousands of times per year.  Imagine never cleaning a fish tank.  The fish in the tank would die.  Although not cleaning your air ducts may not kill you directly, don't expect to spend your retirement on the golf course.

Q: Where does all the dust in air ducts come from?

A: If you really want to know, most of your household dust actually comes from skin.  If you have a pet then their dust multiplier is higher than humans in most cases, and can add more layers to an already messy situation in most scenarios.  Dust mites are microscopic organisms that feed off of that dust and form colonies of living mites in your air ducts, and can usher in a mold issue in Florida homes if not cleaned out. 

Q: How many gallons of dust does the average air duct system have prior to cleaning?

A: We get called out to some of the worst situations, so the average for us is probably higher than the average in general for starters.  Our average cleaning job will be an extraction of 3-15 gallons of dust per AC system unless mold is found in the contaminated air duct system.

Q: How Long does the average air duct cleaning take?

A: Average is a pretty loose term.  Some houses are easier then others.  If you need a ball park answer though, air duct cleaning should take 1hr per 1,000 sq,ft.  Of course time needs to be added for high ceilings, excess dust and debris, or obstructive obstacles such as unique furniture around the register outlets.

Q: The top of dryer is hot?  What does that mean?

A: Most of the time it means you need to call us to have that cleaned out!  Your dryer should not be hot on the outside for any reason. 

Q: How do you clean air ducts in Florida?

A: That is a complicated question to answer in one fowl swoop, but here we go.  Usually in most of the residential and commercial properties we encounter on a week in basis portable machines are brought into action.  There is no better clean then having an agitating or spinning brush that is the appropriate size for the ductwork being cleaned to be used along with some kind of vacuum system.  We are HH4 Certified and all of the cleaning training and techniques are usually displayed on their site .

Q: How much does it cost to replace air ducts as opposed to cleaning?

A: The average cost of air duct replacement is more than ten times the cost of cleaning.  There are of course cases where cleaning can only do so much, and the best answer is replacement, but that isn't as common as you would think.

Q: What kind of company should I use to clean my air ducts? 

A: The best companies in the nation at doing air duct cleaning are companies that do it every day.  Any company can buy machines and put men on those machines to do an air duct cleaning job, but using a pro in the business always pays off.  This is true for any kind of contracting work to be done on your home.  Never more true is the old saying "jack of all trades, and master of none".  Our team is in up to 70 houses per week year around.  Most companies in our area are lucky to do 3-4.  The proof is in the pudding and in the final results. 

It is important to keep in mind that we have worked on everything from the smallest of condos and manufactured homes, to industrial complexes and assisted living facilities.  When it comes to making sure the air in your home is being recirculated with maximum efficiency and cleanliness, our team leaves no stone unturned.  We rely strongly on our reputation, and have not had to advertise in the mainstream media for over 6 years.  Give us a call to set up a free in-home estimate today! 

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