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Setting a goal to be the best duct and vent cleaning company in Florida means we understand each home or commercial structure has special needs, and layouts that need to be taken into consideration before each cleaning. We currently service local schools, municipalities, restaurants, nursing homes, hospice centers, office buildings, and air conditioning companies. We have been at it for 13 years, and don't plan on going anywhere!  Call the pros in.

     Air ducts in Florida homes can get this bad!  Trust us!  We see this same story every week.  This is just one of thousands of cases we have been brought in to help.  We use state of the art tools, and procedures to tackle all types of air duct cleaning jobs.  Every job is handled with a procedure that best suits that particular situation.  In general, we pre-treat, brush, and vacuum the duct work from return to unit, and unit to registers. Finally we sanitize ducts with a mold killer that protects your system for up to two years against the growth of mold, and other microbial threats.
     Because all the air in your home flows through air ducts, all the air in your home becomes contaminated if those ducts are not cleaned and sanitized regularly.  This is known as indoor air pollution. Pollution inside typically is 15 to 20 times worse in contaminated systems than the air outdoors. Sometimes it can be 100 times worse.  Take a look at what is in the dust:

Mold Removal, Dust Mite Removal, in Tampa, St Pete, Palmetto, Parrish, Bradenton, Sarasota, Lido Key, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Venice, North Port, and Englewood.
The Scariest thing about the dust found in your air ducts is that it is all living.  Dust mite colonies eventually attract mold.  Mold then grows into colonies such as  pictured above.  We can't make this stuff up!  This nasty mess is what happens when you get your vents cleaned once every five years.  A common scene in Florida. Over 80% of homes tested by AC companies in Southern Florida have some form of mold or microbial infestation growing in their Air Handler or duct work according to a recent FIMA study conducted. 
  We extract 3 to 15 gallons of debris collecting on the walls of the ducts from every ventilation system we clean.  This is not a scare tactic to get people to clean their air ducts, this is the truth.  Think about  what your fan blades look like when you never clean them.

Vent cleaning in Tampa, St Pete, Palmetto, Parrish, Bradenton, Sarasota, Lido Key, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Venice, North Port, and Englewood.
    Between the chemicals we use and the cleaning process, your air ducts will be like new on the inside.  Our results are great, and our strong customer referral base is the proof. Call Now to see why our customers rave, and breathe fresh air in your home again after just one call. It really does make a difference.

    Keep This in Mind: Air duct replacement is an expensive task.  Air duct cleaning was developed to save consumers money on dirty air duct systems.  The average cost of air duct replacement is usually 10 times the amount of a certified cleaning. In most cases we can get the air ducts returned to an almost brand new state. You won't believe how drastic the results can be. We use the best tools the industry has to offer, and when duct work requires more than that, we develop our own tools on or off site! We are the best. 
Try us out and see!