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Dryer Vent Cleaning In Florida

Dryer vents are our Specialty! We keep our prices low, because we extend volume discounts to you.  We clean huge communities at a time.  When it comes to reducing the risk of a fire in your home, you should really call some experienced veterans in the game to do your work. We have asked customers over the years who have used other services, and still have not heard of a company yet that does a  1 year guaranty as well. 

It is common for us to extract over 3 gallons of lint per house when we clean dryer vents in Florida homes.  The majority of our dryer vent cleanings are done in Sarasota, but we do operate outside of Sarasota as well.  Our dryer vent service is included for free with most customers using our air duct cleaning service in homes with 10 or more air ducts.  In order to clean a dryer vent, we first have to find out how the vent shaft is run.  Most homes in Florida have their dryer vents running out of the roof.  So that is where the cleaning begins.  We us spinning brushes as well as pneumatic tools when needed to clean dryer vents.  Rest assured though... when we are done with your dryer vent, it is going to be the cleanest dryer vent on the block!  For more information about dryer vent construction, dryer vent cleaning, dryer vent rerouting, or dryer vent group rates... contact an area supervisor at the above listed numbers! 

How Often Do You Need To Clean Your Dryer Vent In Florida???

Most single family homes in Florida have dryer vents that exit the home through the roof j-hood vent due to building code modifications made in the mid 1980's.  This change was brought about by the rise in dryer fires due to baby alligators and other small reptiles indigenous to the everglades and wetland areas trying to find warm sanctuary in the winter moths in peoples homes via the dryer vent.  With newer homes venting out of the roof, that stack needs to be cleaned at the very least every 3 years.  Lint build up can change depending on dryer vent cleaning frequency, detergent and material cycle types, as well as hair from pets or humans mixing with lint and bonding it together.  We recommend that pet owners, as well as 3 load plus households per week consider cleaning once a year.  The cost of this service is lower than a tank of gas, and can save your home from burning to the ground.