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Dear Reader,
  In order to understand the long-term goals of our company, you have to understand that Healthy Homes is my dream, and my career.  I have studied and worked in the field through the toughest of jobs keeping in mind that the only way to be truly successful is to keep improving at every corner. I want to work for you.
  As a kid I was raised with a hammer in hand. My father was a lawyer and real-estate investor in Miami throughout my entire childhood, and well after my college years.  I worked side-by-side with a self made millionaire, and learned the art of converting distressed properties, into magazine quality homes.  Through the years I have been driven by the dream to one day have my own company that thrives on the work ethic and morals that my Father had instilled in me. 
  Renovating homes is second nature to me, and air duct cleaning became a real passion of mine. This is why I have dedicated my time to developing my experience in the duct cleaning field by performing air duct cleaning service for over 10,000 residential and commercial customers.  I am an Adviser to the State of Florida on Indoor Air Quality, and have been working with several general contractors over the years on mold remediation projects.  My staff is personally trained by me, and hand selected to ensure each of our technicians brings a standard of quality into your home that is second to none in the country.  My staff is well versed and practiced in several aspects of home renovation, and are selected prior to experience to help us expand our horizons into new fields every year. 

   Although we do not sell AC systems, parts, maintenance packages, or new duct work, we can point you in the right direction with one of our affiliates.  We don't do large tree removal, or General Contracting work yet, but we know people who can help there too. We provide friendly service and pricing with no hidden fees, and strive to take care of what matters most……….OUR CUSTOMERS! 

   For the last 5 years we have not had to advertise via main stream media due to our strong word of mouth customer base.  Every house provides us with a new challenge. Every look of worry from a potential customer gives me and my staff the opportunity to work hard for a new hug from an ecstatic customer after their dreams are reached under budget.  I guess the way I look at it, every new hug brings me back to my old ones.  The ones that matter at the end of the day.  The hugs from my family.  I wake up in the morning with a dream to one day put my twin  babies in my chair, at the helm of a socially responsible home improvement powerhouse.  I guess I need you to help me get there so... Call us!
Thank You So Very Much for Visiting Our site!!!!!

-David Weires
Owner / Operator