Analyze this information before considering cleaning the ducts in your residential or commercial space. 

First off, dirty air ducts are almost noxious inducing!  They can host mold, stagnant water, roaches, rodent feces, construction debris, burnt food, penicillin, candle wax, dander, pet hair, flu virus strands, aerosol can toxins, airborne citrus peel toxins... to single microbes contributing to contaminated air.  Meaning this will beat you down, at the end of a long day when the world has been beating you down? Really?  Is that what you want?  The air duct cleaning package we offer is the most thorough cleaning on the market for an amazingly low price structure.  We took our time developing the best technology breakthrough in our industry over the last 35 years, and tested by professional air quality hygienists in a multitude of hellish environments without fail. Our patent pending equipment and procedure utilizes a cutting edge sanitizing agent that was developed to decontaminate objects, people, and standing air by NASA and the CDC, and is actively being used today to sterilize “clean zones”. We basically hose down the air ducts and AC system with it, hyper dry it, and vacuum out debris in a non-invasive, and non-damaging process that has been zeroing out inspection reports for our water damage and insurance claim end user customers for over 5 years. All air duct cleaners are not the same. Other companies purchase equipment, read the instruction manuals for that equipment and attempt to perform a specialized task on the fly. We take pride in every job. We learn from every job. We write the books for future generations to learn from. We don’t take the threat of a mold issue lightly, because we believe in our mission to make your home healthy for you and your family from here on out. If our sterling reputation over the years, and our extensive happy client list doesn’t sell you on us being the best at what we do, then maybe go with the guys who have paid their way on to the google top pages. If you need a pro, then call the best!