HYPOallergenic house cleaning


Our hypoallergenic deep cleaning system uses a cutting edge technique that kills many home contaminates including: mold, mildew, dust mites and related bacteria, gases, odors and airborne viruses. This natural, essential oil based method not only sterilizes your environment but continues to combat the removed contaminates for up to one year. Protect your home from the devastating effects of Florida's subtropical mold and mildew by getting a real proactive plan in place. Do you feel your home is as clean as it needs to be to support healthy living behind the walls? What about on the walls? Are your ceilings and fixtures being cleaned or sterilized on a regular basis? Most people think they can swiffer the kitchen area once every 2 weeks and call it a day. Most meaning almost everyone in Florida. If it were only that simple! Get healthy, live to a 100, avoid cancer, feel better, and live better with Healthy Homes. One call does it all!