David Weires - Founder


Hey guys!  Welcome to my dream.  My name is David Weires, and I am the founder of Healthy Homes.  Please excuse first person ad-libs throughout the site, but all of the content is being written by me as I turn a very successful one man show into a hopefully one day worldwide franchise.  I know I have a reader at this point in you, a person in need of information.  I will not write stuff to waste time.  I am busy as well.  Just keep in mind that I am the guy who spent his life creating a new industry all together by combining like industries into one solid package.  For those looking to make a career out of it, I will teach you how to do what I do.  If you need tools, chemicals or further training, then come to me for it.  Stay tuned for an upcoming YouTube channel and a related podcast here in 2019.

For the future customer, you have found the company that is here to take care of your home on a level that means most to us… the microbial level. Our job is to find out what makes your home sick, and remedy issues with some of the amazing cutting edge technology that is getting better day by day. I began Healthy Homes with my mind set on research and development of tools and products to bring about change in a cleaning industry that has been left behind. All these years later the progress has been nothing short of amazing, and the finished product continues to be second to none in the entire country. After all, we have not had to advertise in 10 years, because we are that good. Step one is on you! Let’s get you involved.